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tv   [untitled]    November 7, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a donor tonight concludes the longest and while this campaign in our history colors the left world that need change dramatically before our eyes that some are going to tell you next time with twists and turns in the hallmarks of this campaign i want you to watch what we're about to do because you've never seen anything like this until.
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say what's going on i'm abby martin all the elections are finally over and after billions of dollars down the drain we have a winner saying ding ding no surprise here folks barack obama will be the president of the united states for another four years we also have a loser and that's us i say that because we're the victims the policies that will no doubt and sue in his second term were also the victims of a mental trap where people feel forced to choose between two evils a conservative torture apologist who's the reigning king of drones or even more extreme of the right wing ideologues who put obama's policies on steroids i guess it will take a republican to get elected as president again in this country to get the left pissed off again because let's be honest when obama came into office liberals became complacent now shifting course being a california girl i was especially saddened at the news that prop thirty seven did not pass some fortunately monsanto won big in california i guess the lesson is that
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when you spend forty seven million dollars you can convince people to vote against their interests but the bottom labelled you most is far from over but you know i do see a silver lining in the wake. the selection the hangover not only is it a good thing that romney doesn't have access to the biggest nuclear weapons arsenal in the world look think about the monumental shifts that happened last night by way of demonic direct democracy in maine and maryland both passed historic legislation allowing same sex marriage making the two states the first in the country to approve the measure by popular vote that's huge and something else monumental that happened yesterday was the legalization of marijuana in colorado and washington and not for medicinal use recreational use this is on president it and it represents a massive shift in the cultural fabric of this country so let's continue the shift toward a real progress real change and let's break the set. here
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and break in the set we've been given a platform to third party presidential candidates and that's the media election frenzy that dominated ninety nine point nine percent of the coverage one important thing was completely left out how well did the third party candidates fare there were twenty three people running for president and the least one state perhaps the most notable candidate on the ballot this year were libertarian candidate gary johnson green party candidate jill stein the constitution party's virgil goode and the justice party's rocky anderson out of all the third party candidates gary johnson got the most support and one percent of the total popular vote so here to talk about third parties and what it will take to get the progressive base energized i'm joined by the justice party presidential candidate himself rocky anderson rocky thanks so much for taking the time to join me. to be with you. so rocking the elections are finally over you know i really thought this time around
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people would step up step out of the two party system are you surprised that more people voted third party what do you think about it. well the majority of people according to polls want third party or independent candidates there is a historic low nine percent approval rating of congress millions of people have left the democratic and republican parties over the last four years and more people identify themselves as independents than either democrats or republicans so what's wrong with this picture now i think that it's everything from ballot access where the republicans and democrats have a stranglehold on our electoral system and keep so many of us off so many state ballots we only got on fifteen state ballots and you wouldn't believe what we've gone through the last few years to get those ballots and then of course the corporate owned mainstream media won't cover what we have to say even though what
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most of us have to say is majority area and it's what the american people want and then the republican democratic parties got together and hijacked away the presidential debates away from the league of women voters that used to handle it in an independent fashion and allowed third party candidates so now we have this constricted range of debate where between romney and obama sometimes you could hardly see any light between them and when you could there wasn't much difference and yet if you had the third party candidates it would be a very different kind of discussion an expanded dialogue and one that would do a great deal to promote our democracy i think it's it's completely shafting the american people first of all not to give them a choice when they go and vote and then secondly for them not even to hear these
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other voices absolutely rock and there's a lot of hurdles to even get on the ballot as you just outlined i mean you need massive amounts of money of course the court. sponsership i mean it's rigged it seems from the top down to exclude the voices that people need to hear the most rocky you you were once a democrat why did you step out of the system and say you know i can't really align myself with the democrat democratic party anymore was there a turning point for you. well it had been growing over time i was very dissatisfied with the democratic party and certainly through the bush administration when they would not stand up they basically joined with the republicans to give that president a blank check to go and gauge in and out rageous tragically illegal war of aggression against countries oppose no danger to ours and then do engage in these human rights violations and work crimes but now we have a president because he's a democrat all these democrats just lining up behind him and they say well even
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though he's doing things we'd be raising holy hell about a republican we're just going to keep our mouths shut we're just going to stay complacent so what kind of nation do we have now we have a nation where our president and a bipartisan congress say our federal government should be able to round up any one of us and put us away imprison us for up to the rest of our lives with no due process no charges trial right of habeas corpus no legal assistance and now we even have a president who targets u.s. citizens for assassination it's just remarkable and of course the whole cell spying on americans now that has been made illegal by congress not necessarily constitutional let still up for grabs but the bill that then senator obama voted for to give the national security agency in the president the power to engage in the whole cell spying on americans that is under operation now and it's
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never the capacity for the government to do this has never been that great and you combine that to tallaght terry in spirit with the technology we have the right it's absolutely frightening and we need to turn this around and it's going to take the american people across the political spectrum finally to join arms and say we're not going to put up with that anymore absolutely i remember. i know that you were big on kind of prosecuting the bush administration for the torture and war crimes even that obama himself said waterboarding is torture during the campaign and then turns around and does the whole rhetoric you know look forward not backward rocky that's when i really knew that you know something something was wrong. but yeah i mean given a free pass to those crimes and really normalizing them and continuing the surveillance and continuing the police state of really is sad that these people have a mandate now and there really is no difference between the parties last night or you were also at the white house two nights ago the night before the election talking about obama's conservative policies and you said this you said because it's
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president obama doing this it really makes him not the lesser of two evils but the more effective of the evils because now the democrats line up silently behind him except in these abuses because obama is a member of their team they have sacrificed principle for partisanship rockey why does partisanship blind people from reality. well i think it's the us versus them team mentality that as long as you're on my team i'll put up with a lot more than if you're on the other side could you imagine what democrats would be doing if it were george bush and rumsfeld and cheney sitting around in the oval office looking at these baseball card like biographies of suppose of terrorists and deciding who's going to live and who's going to die and knowing that they're going to be killing hundreds if not thousands of innocent civilians in the process democrats would be out in the streets sort of be congressional hearings and subpoenas flying and calls for impeachment but because it's
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a democrat it seems that everybody in that party can pass principle for their partisanship and i think it's shameful that's why i left the democratic party yeah and you know i always think you know as these guys these parties are going more to the right every term it seems like what's going to happen when we have a bush versus romney i mean are people still going to. look at them as as that one less evil than the other i mean it just keeps getting worse and worse and worse iraq is going to take a republican to get into the presidency before the democrats are really energized again for the liberal base cares about the war is that i mean i don't understand. well i don't either you know it may take somebody like a mix and going to china and a republican coming out and saying we're not going to do the same or we're not going to ratchet up the imperial presidency and then continue the shattering of our constitution. but i think that for that to happen really the
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american people need to come together in the movement we saw it with the civil rights the labor movement the the women's suffrage movement where people just wouldn't put up with that anymore and those movements were led by any president or any member of congress they were led by we the people and we've got to come together and it does shouldn't matter what are some affiliation is indeed we've seen a lot of direct democracy happening a lot of storage of propositions passed but i want to talk to you about solutions i mean electoral process is completely broken rocky what do you think the solution is that rank choice voting proportional representation is reforming our electoral process the very first step to getting anything done afterward. well the first thing we've got to do is get rid of the corrupting influence of money because that drives all of these public disasters and that's one thing that the vast majority of american people really agree upon the polls show the majority of people even if it
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takes a constitutional amendment want to see citizens united over rules and i think we've got to go far beyond that because even before citizens united we had a very corrupt perverse system where money called the shots in washington so once we do that then we get a decent health care system we can get some of these campaign reforms in place because it's no longer these wealthy corporations that are calling all the shots we may see reforms of wall street even imagine that breaking up the banks that are too big to fail and putting in place the kinds of regulations that will protect the american people from another major economic meltdown and i mean it's gotten so bad in terms of the disregard for the rule of law obama isn't willing just to look away with regard to war crimes and illegal surveillance on the american people he's
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looked away when it comes to massive financial fraud on wall street not one person prosecuted for all of the fraud that helped lead to that meltdown in two thousand and eight and d.d. yeah i mean a lot in those wall street criminals got the tear justice system rocky thank you so much for being a voice from outside the two party dictatorship is what i like to call it rocky anderson and i really appreciate your time. really good to be with you thanks. so if you like what you see so far go to our youtube channel and youtube dot com slash break in the set and subscribe and check our facebook page at facebook dot com slash back enough that if you wonder about what i'm doing or bitching about when i'm not on or follow me on twitter at abby martin i took a break my preaching for now to stay tuned to hear our hero and a villain of election day two thousand and twelve next.
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you mr. so today i want to highlight the tens of millions of people who participate in the democratic system as the heroes i'm not talking about just voting for president i'm talking about people who came out to vote for everything from city council members to store propositions and while voting may have been an easy process for many tens of thousands of voters all across the country encountered great hurdles to do so perhaps the biggest impediment of all was the exceedingly long lines at a number of polling stations were voters spent hours waiting to vote take for
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example miami florida where hundreds of voters were in line for well over four hours past the seven pm closing of the polls in fact they still waited to vote after the presidency was already called for obama or about the voters in arlington virginia where six hundred forty four people were lined up to vote in the morning having to make a decision to stay or miss work even with all the known flaws and disenfranchisement the voter id laws the broken or rigged machines the inefficiencies of holding centers these people gave up their entire day just to practice their most basic civic duty to voice support or dissent for the current system and that's a beautiful thing so if they're the heroes who's the villain well it's none other than the infamous chris matthews the t.v. personality best known for being an unhinged unfiltered liberal who often sticks his foot in his mouth while yesterday the footnote is now it was a full on assault against our first amendment the right to vote for whomever we
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please. yesterday during m s n b c s pre-election coverage what began as just a plea for people to stop making excuses not to vote turning to chris matthews fear mongering and outright attacking people who don't dorce the two party agenda take a look. both want to talk to you but if you get over one of these numbskull third or fourth party candidates like gary johnson or joe steele and started oh i was so surprised at what happened no you shouldn't because any it's like you voted for a third and fourth party candidates and they don't know how the system works two choices. wow i don't even know where to begin first of all what the hell is a fourth party candidate and secondly i beg to differ chris we do know how the system works we just choose not to subscribe to it but let me repeat what he said one more time which is probably the most despicable thing of all. two choices. chris did you not get the memo did you know that there are actually twenty three
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other candidates who qualified to be president on the ballot in at least one state twenty three so to say that we arrogantly only have two choices is belittling millions of americans who are desperate for alternatives and millions of people who lead the grassroots efforts to get these people on the ballot and frankly your condescension is an insult to everyone's intelligence unfortunately kristen stop there check it out. not really but i'm bothered by people what sort of group or judge you are so that if he becomes. really like ralph nader what he stands for nothing to do with the presidency and right to go with it but it short of so many of our elections people being so n.p.r. show p.b.s. is no. no no like really politics no don't do that so now is attacking journalism because apparently journalists who dare present alternative perspectives are hoity toity before you call people one hundred twenty chris i would take a look in the mirror first you are the one sitting on your high horse verbal e.
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throwing jabs at people for exercising their first amendment right you are the one perpetuating the myth that ralph nader siphon votes even though we know that nader had nothing to do with the voting fraud that occurred in florida or the fact that gore actually won the election so stop blowing people into thinking that they should vote the way you do and as a leading television personality listeners have the right to expect more from you regardless of whether or not they buy into your ideology they have the right to listen to someone who knows better than to shamelessly bolster un-american ideals because the beauty of this country is that we still have a choice outside of the two party system and we also have the freedom to exercise that choice so that is why you chris matthews are today's belin. to do a good job or save anything like that. cheers
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to four more years of the parker see that is obama take a look at this for example on the campaign trail president obama said that protecting whistleblowers was essential to the foundation of democracy and interesting considering the fact that he's at the same time dredged up an archaic piece of legislation from world war two the espionage act and he uses it as a weapon to prosecute more whistleblowers and all previous administrations combined so let's talk about one on one the obama administration's victims army private bradley manning the whistleblower who allegedly released tens of thousands of classified government documents that exposed the u.s. is war crimes because of those accusations manning has been sitting in a cold dark cell for two years and five months that's eight hundred ninety seven days and there's been months of pretrial hearings and today is yet another hearing for the case leading up to the actual trial finally commence in february so to talk more about this and the prospects for the case in a second term of obama i'm joined by kevin stole
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a civil liberties blogger for fire dog lake thank you so much for coming in and thank you so what is this new update i saw you in live tweeting this update about bradley manning potentially accepting part in part responsibility for what happened talk about this update so it's kind of complex in terms of like the legal use so i'll just break it down and basic ways so that viewers can understand and it's best to start with what it's not he's not pleading guilty it's not a plea bargain with the government what happened is in the process you have to do a notice of police you decide if you're going to plead guilty or not guilty well bradley manning has decided that perhaps because the evidence is there that he committed the act that he's going to generally accept responsibility for passing along information to wiki leaks at least that's what his lawyer david coombs said in the courtroom and what this means is that i think this is significant is the first time that manning is really acknowledging in. an official. the way that this
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happened because so far we've just had the prosecution's lobbying evidence you know in the courtroom and now it looks like he's going to in some way take responsibility how is that going to change the course of these hearings or is it so what's important is that he would plead to the military code offenses potentially and he wouldn't plead to the espionage act charges or a charge that he exceeded and otherwise access on his computer and so what happens is if the judge were to accept this as some kind of a legitimate way to move forward then the government has to decide do we still prosecuting for violating the espionage act do we still go after him for computer crime and then decide we're going to do it the trial because that will change the extents how extensive it is because you have less witnesses you have less evidence that you have to present it's actually easier on the prosecutors because they don't
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have to put all this evidence that he actually did it right and one thing that i have actually never understood about this case is i thought the legal maximum to hold someone without charges was one hundred twenty days i mean when the time this trial commences it'll be a thousand days that he's been held without charges how is this legal and it's good that you raise that issue because this hearing today was about whether manning's rights have been violated a speedy trial rights and the government was bringing forward witnesses and what the government says is that it just is a process that takes a long time classification reviews giving evidence over to the defense that they can use for the trial takes a long time is a long bureaucratic process also they're saying that you know any time you went to the court martial convening authority he all the rise delays you excluded the time in the period of the trial so it's off the speedy trial clock which is something that you can do so it's a way to drag out the proceedings and then not have any repercussions for the prosecutor's lead. well loophole where they can justify holding him which is still
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outrageous when daniel ellsberg released the pentagon papers he was harold is this hero really change the narrative and then it seems like the narrative flipped to now we're not hailing whistleblowers as heroes we're handling them as criminals or demonizing men in the court of public opinion already obama coming out saying he's guilty has blood on his hands i mean what why what happened. i have to blame the media really i mean i had to blame the perception of how people see everything playing out because i think that you know take an example i always remember this because back a few months ago there was a soldier that went to the los angeles times and provided some photos of corpses in afghanistan and the reason why i thought this was really an incredible example of how people don't like whistle blowing and war is that everyone was saying you committed some kind of offense like you shouldn't have told the truth but he wasn't
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actually against the war there wasn't really anything radical about what was going on it was just pure transparency and yet the journalists were in trouble for actually gauging and coverage and so i just think that there's something with the culture about people really being insulated they don't want to see the grotesqueness they think that they should have a free pass and the sad part is that that's going to allow for the expansion of things like drone warfare and all kinds of other wars for empire abroad that you know you and i might consider really bad policy. yeah i mean i thought that was really interesting too and i don't even release all the photos it was at the l.a. times or something who didn't release all the photos it was a matter of national security i mean it's just that's the reality of war and if you don't want to see it and acknowledge what you're doing with your tax dollars then that's a sad state of affairs in this country what do you think you know about i know civil liberties is your blog about it a lot since obama's been such
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a massive fail. and really continued if not expanded the bush administration's surveillance state that their greed just violation of our civil liberties what you think about progressives who say we just need to give in the second term so we can do not to worry about reelection then we'll push into the left i mean what do you think now the election's over what do you see happening haven't. these aren't progressive issues that's that's the problem is that they don't see them as progressive issues libertarians really own these issues they go out they hit on these they're ron paul steps up and says something about him but you don't see progressive opening the surveillance state expansions the war on drugs and what that means is what this really translates into is that you know obama had the campaign slogan forward so i said last night forward surveillance state forward with the war on drugs forward with expanding the national security state forward with going on with these wars for empire and they just keep going on and on and it doesn't and because there is no opposition beyond the seasoned activists who are
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very very necessary to the fabric of this country but they just don't have the critical mass to have any impact the way that things happen the way that politicians step into congress and you know make that a little splashes but it doesn't really go anywhere forward with the mandate to continue all these things having to stall and thank you so much for coming on firedoglake blogger everyone blog appreciate time. here discouraged today and that will be staying the course for the next four years and don't be we've never had significant change in this country coming from the top as we've seen with the historic measure measures that passed in this election there is a shift happening that can only come from the grassroots from the people so keep moving.
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more news today violence has once again flared up the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operation today. wealthy british style sign. on. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into khan's report. just give me can i speak with you sir let me finish please my son died in iran don't agree you don't agree we don't want to look for other names my son isn't isn't it marina i don't know who discussed be our greatest tragedy for you shared. concern your country. countries and yours. the moon or in hope to help you find me. you find in so many old says war and meet some snooze.


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